Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Bat (1959)


Starring Vincent Price as Vincent Price, and Agnes Moorehead as Jessica Fletcher.  In other words, awesome.

But if that's not enough to snag your interest, here's a more straightforward description--Agnes Moorehead plays a mystery author who rents a huge (spooky) mansion in the town of Xenith, which is being terrorized both by rabid bats and a serial killer known only as "The Bat".  In other news, the local bank was recently deprived of $1 million, and no one knows where the money is.  Vincent Price plays the creepy town doctor, who seems to know more than he is letting on . . .

Honestly, though, the one-two punch of Price and Moorehead ought to be enough to earn this film a spot on your to-watch list.  It's public domain, so you can download it for free if you don't feel like tracking down a hard copy.  Moorehead is a tougher, more angular amateur sleuth than Angela Lansbury--no disrespect to the erstwhile Mrs. Potts, of course.  And Vincent Price does what Vincent Price does best.

Bottom line:  Old school creepy fun.  Even if it's not actually scary, and features the most bloodless throat slashing I've ever seen.

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