Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Answers for Chicken Little: A No-nonsense Look at the Book of Revelation, by Dan Boone


A decent but not necessarily remarkable treatment of Revelation. Boone has a great handle on the current affairs of the first century (when the book was written) and has some decent conclusions to draw based on the symbolic meaning of the text, but he largely ignores any real-world future application.

He rightly points out that many writers focus exclusively on the future events described in Revelation, essentially treating the book as irrelevant to all Christians prior to the current generation. Boone makes the opposite error, treating the prophetic aspects as dealing almost solely with the events of John's day. The only significance for us today seems to be in the run of the mill, mundane challenges of the Christian walk. So, for example, we all face 'anti-Christs' every day, because an anti-Christ is really just anyone who denies Christ. Which yes, but also: no. There appear to be real, future, judgment day events described in Revelation; not just metaphors for life. I do not advocate for trying to correlate point for point the modern age with the events in Revelation (it seems a waste of time, since Christ Himself told us we weren't going to figure it out), but there's no denying that some seriously heavy stuff will go down before the end. And Revelation seems to be telling us about it, even if we won't understand how until after the fact.

Still, the book is good, and well worth reading (especially since it--and the chapters in it--could hardly be described as lengthy).

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