Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Door in the Forest, by Roderick Townley


Another review posted on Children's Books and Reviews--here's an excerpt:
When it comes to fantasy literature, the charm is in often in the details, and Townley fills this tale right to the brim: an obese old woman who reads the future in bath bubbles, a magic pearl necklace, windows to the past and future, a boy who cannot lie, snow leopards you can ride, cryptic maps, riddles, a mustachioed villain, the aforementioned human-faced snakes, and a seemingly impregnable island . . . this book is a veritable cornucopia of precisely the sort of delightful touches that are relished by lovers of fantasy, whether young or old.
For the full review, see "Children's Fantasy Novel: The Door in the Forest" at Children's Books and Reviews.

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