Sunday, April 29, 2012

Matthew 11:28, a hymn

Rest in the Lord; rest weary heart,
          With sin and sorrow worn,
And conscience ranking with the smart
          Of pitiless self scorn;
Oh, counting all beside but loss,
          Climb Calvary's lowly hill,
And there beneath the bleeding cross
          Rest, and be still.

Rest in the Lord; what time the storm
          Around thy pathway raves,
Behold His calm majestic form
          Serenely walks the waves;
And hark! that tranquil voice is heard
          Which winds and waves fulfill;
Oh, rest upon His changeless word;
          Rest, and be still.

Rest in the Lord; although the sands
          Of life are running low,
Though clinging hearts and clasping hands
          May not detain thee now:
His hand is on thee; death's alarms
          Can never work thee ill:
Rest on His everlasting arms;
          Rest, and be still.

Rest in the Lord: no conflicts more, --
          The latest labor done;
The weary strife forever o'er,
          The crown forever won.
Beside the crystal stream, that flows
          From Zion's heavenly hill,
Rest in eternal Love's repose;
          Rest, and be still.
~The Rev. Edward Henry Bickersteth, recorded in Christ in Song: Hymns of Immanuel, Selected from All Ages, with Notes, Volume 2, by Philip Schaff

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