Monday, May 16, 2011

Batman: Lovers & Madmen, by Michael Green


My foray into graphic novels continues, and I am not disappointed. This volume presents a sort of alternative origin story for the Joker. Definitely lots of similarities to the film The Dark Knight, though the interwebs don't seem to think it was part of the source material for it. In this version, the Joker comes into existence because of Batman--he is a brilliant criminal, but has lost his zest for life until Batman presents him with an adversary and a field for his formidable talents as a psychotic villain. Batman must then decide how to deal with this new breed of monster, which presents not a few ethical conundrums. Definitely worth looking into, if graphic novels are at all your thing. And if you can stomach some of the Joker's more senselessly destructive and violent actions.

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