Monday, May 16, 2011

The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon, by Stephen King


Definitely not the book to read before starting out on a hiking trip. Well-written, and well-paced. The use of innings (and other baseball events) as chapter headings was a clever touch. As is often the case with King's books, the reader is immersed into a confusing morass of events and experiences that don't really make sense until the end. The reader thus endures what is essentially a less-intense facsimile of the characters' own trials, which results in a transference of mood that heightens the suspense and magnifies the reading experience overall.

I will say that I'm not completely convinced King writes children convincing. The mental development of the protagonist was perhaps . . . unlikely. She didn't think like any nine-year-old I know, anyway. But since the only people who know how nine-year-olds think are themselves nine years old and thus have no business reading this book, King is probably safe from too much criticism. Definitely worth reading. And an easy read, too--it's much shorter than many of King's other volumes.

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