Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Nightlight: A Parody, by The Harvard Lampoon


What a disappointment! The Twilight Saga offers so much potential for mockery and hilarity, and this book . . . is almost completely unfunny. The authors are too busy trying to be clever that they never actually get around to being funny. I enjoyed their portrayal of Belle's clumsiness and the assumption that every male in her immediate vicinity was attracted to her, but the story itself went off the rails early on and never made it back. Good satire/spoofery needs just a hint of seriousness and quality. If you mock everything, you mock nothing. Incidentally, the book is full of editing errors which, given the writers' Harvard credentials, is, I hope, a nod to the crappy editing in the actual Twilight books. If the real culprit is just lazy editing, then that's yet another demerit against this book. Still, considering the material they had to work with--the ridiculous books and ensuing nationwide obsession--I have to say the Harvard Lampoon really biffed it here. What a waste.

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