Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Dingo Devotionals: Learning to Heel, by Lynne Scott


Really more of a one-and-a-half star book. The idea is good--look to the discipline and training of animals to learn more about the ways God disciplines and trains us--but the execution is rather abysmal. Some of the connections and analogies don't really work (or were actually problematic), and even when she lights on a analogy with real potential, she stops before she ever really gets going. The result is a book that never really goes anywhere. It has fits and starts, but no follow through. What could have been a very challenging look at discipline ends up . . . empty. I don't know whether to blame her writing, her thinking, or her editor, but something just did not deliver here. I'm sure the intentions were good, and like I said, I like the idea. But the actual conclusions needed to be more thought out, and then fleshed out. Also, I'm not entirely sure the gospel was clearly presented. It's a short book, with short chapters/sections, but it's still not worth the read.


Kathleen said...

Interesting. I found the opposite. I like the brief but concise chapters. I find it a perfect day by day book for meditation. I feel Lynne allows the reader some lead way in forming their own thoughts and ideas and hopefully moves them to explore further into biblical writing as they see fit. I appreciate that it's not preachy but just her honest exploration of what she learned about her relationship with God through grief and dog training. Maybe you should give it another read.

farblondzhet said...

Thanks for your comments, Kathleen! I'm glad you enjoyed and were encouraged by the book. I tend not to re-read books unless I really liked them, but I appreciate the suggestion and the feedback.