Monday, June 13, 2011

Early Will I Seek You: A 40-Day Journey in the Company of Augustine, by David Hazard (ed.)


Not great, not terrible. Hazard presents Augustine in his (Hazard's) own phrasing, which is kind of frustrating, and the sections are so short that any kind of flow or context is precluded. Reading this book makes me want to actually read Augustine for myself, instead of a paraphrase. Which, if that is Hazard's goal, then well done. The sections are certainly short, so if you're looking for a devotional that's like two pages per day, well, this is that. But I think there are meatier, more challenging devotionals (My Utmost for His Highest and Morning and Evening, to name just two).

All in all, sort of . . . meh. Which is not a quality often attributed to Augustine, so I am determined not to hold it against him. I expect I will feel very differently when I read him in context.

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