Friday, June 17, 2011

In Odd We Trust, by Dean Koontz


Kind of disappointing. I think Dean Koontz is just too verbal a writer to translate well into graphic novels. Odd Thomas's inner monologue is severely truncated, and Koontz doesn't get to flex his descriptor muscles. (Which is both good and bad--sometimes in his novels, it seems like Koontz is using words just to use them and not because they're the actual word that flows naturally. Still, it's obvious that he loves words, and the lack of verbal flavor makes the graphic novel a little lackluster.) The story is not the most brilliant ever, but it would be much more palatable if Koontz had the time and space of a novel to relish the characters and meander them through the plot. Instead, it feels bare and utilitarian. Also, Terrible Chester and Little Ozzie are completely absent from the book, which is unacceptable.

As a side note, I don't tend to go in much for manga. I think the characters all look too similar and nondescript.

I think I'll stick to the audiobooks.

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