Friday, January 14, 2011

Dead in the Family, by Charlaine Harris



Better than the last entry, though that's not saying much. Harris was wise to return to smaller-scale conflicts in Sookie's immediate circle, even if there were an awful lot of plotlines running around. (Eric's 'sire' is in town! The werewolves have a traitor! The government wants to "register" shifters! There's been a murder! Bill is sick! Eric's boss is (maybe) (probably) trying to kill him! Sookie is still recovering from being tortured! There's a fairy loose in the woods! No, two fairies! And a famous (un)dead person! (Sadly, it is not Bubba. I miss him.) Sookie's cousin's telepathic kid is visiting! Religious bigots cause problems (again)! Everyone continues to be ridiculously attractive! And also cheesy! Shenanigans abound!)

As always, the narration on the audiobook strengthens what is likely not an overstrong story. Still, I look forward to seeing where Harris goes from here.

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