Friday, January 14, 2011

Girl Meets God: A Memoir, by Lauren F. Winner

Winner's writing is charming and frank as always. Her love for Christ is inspiring and convicting, and her transparent discussion of doubts and mistakes is refreshing. It's clear from her writing (and from the talks I've heard her give) that she understands the gospel, but I'm not really sure she clearly presents the gospel in this book, which is a shame. I realize this is a memoir and not a theological text, but I still think a clear presentation of the gospel should have been included. After all, with this book, Winner is potentially reaching an audience that might not otherwise encounter the gospel. And while I'm glad she still respects and cares for her Jewish friends, and clearly cherishes her Jewish upbringing, she misses an opportunity to explain that while there are many true things in Judaism, salvation is found only in Christ--there is no other name under heaven whereby we can be saved. Good intentions and adherence to the Torah notwithstanding.

As much as I love reading Winner--and I do--this might be an example of style that outstrips substance.

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