Thursday, January 13, 2011

For what it's worth

That's what quantum meruit means.

And in this case, what it's worth may not be a whole lot.  But I've been encouraged to share the articles I find in blog form, rather than on the unwieldy (and unsearchable) social networking leviathan that is Eff-book (as one of my friends affectionately dubs it).

I make no promises that anything here will be readable.  It's just a space for me to post things I find interesting.  Articles, book recommendations, even my own thoughts on life.  If you don't like what I post, that's cool. Great, even!  Feel free to tell me so.  At the end of the day, I'm ok with disagreement.  I still respect you (maybe), and may even like you.  And no matter how strongly we disagree, there's a decent chance we'd enjoy chatting over a cup of coffee.  Especially if it's good coffee.

So without further adieu:  it begins.

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