Friday, January 14, 2011

Recovering Biblical Manhood and Womanhood: A Response to Evangelical Feminism, by John Piper & Wayne Grudem, editors


An excellent text on, well, biblical manhood and womanhood. The authors are not trying to convince the secular world of the validity of complementarian gender roles--they seek only to defend complementarianism against the egalitarianism popular among evangelical feminists. Some of the essays were more persuasive than others (as is often the case), and I do wish they'd spent a little time encouraging women of God's sovereign ability to bless their efforts at biblical womanhood (since so many of us grew up in the age of feminism and thus feel better-equipped for a career in the world than for marriage and motherhood). Still, an clear and thorough presentation of complementarian theology. The appendix on the exegesis of 'kephale' was particularly. I appreciated the authors' attempts to explain their views humbly and without malice. Vitriol tends to accompany any discussion of such a hot button issue, and the authors were careful not to villainize their opponents. I was encouraged to see that they distinguished loving leadership from domination in a way that completely disarms all claims of misogyny. I also appreciated the focus on evangelism and the gospel as the chief priorities.

Definitely worth a read. Or, if the length and density is a deterrent, worth having around for reference purposes.

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